According to the CEO of Microsoft, "What will keep us ahead of A.I. is for us to become more human!" What makes us more human are our soft skills such as creativity, empathy etc. Once regarded more as a “Nice to Have”ability is today a “Must Have.” We are entering a period where for the first time in human history, soft skills will leapfrog hard skills. Skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, self-awareness, flexibility, and decisiveness are becoming more relevant in the job market than technical hard skills.

As a result, schools and universities developing curriculum to remain relevant and prepare the future workforce must create new learning environments to equip students with the best possible relevant soft skill-set which would ensure that they are better leaders and learners of tomorrow and are ready to take on challenges of the future job market.

With GLEAC, we have developed a framework around 25 skills to help prepare the workforce " to be more human" for the unpredictable future ahead. A sample of some of our skills are listed below:
What will a job look like 15 or 20 years from now and what skills will be in the greatest demand? Gazing into the future may sound speculative or even whimsical because experience tells us that predictions about what future holds are usually inaccurate.
An automated workplace needs a human element for it to work fluidly. This means people will need the ability to continuously adapt, engage with others, acquiring knowledge and learn new ways of thinking and most importantly bring to the table those skills and abilities that only humans have!
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