Imagine being at a job fair, what powers do you have that every single company needs but they cannot see? How do you in under 2 minutes showcase these powers? Does this situation look familiar? Yet job fairs look and feel the same today. The same setup and process just like going to a furniture or an electronics fair. One is to buy a thing that can last a week or a year, the other is planning your future, meeting the people who will shape your destiny and your success. Same Same? You see the irony right?

Here are some ways using our GLEAC APP, you can interrupt the typical job-fair cattle call:

You can share your ability to learn ( growth mindset) which is your "bitcoin" exponential value. You can share with our patent pending method your scores building 21-century skills You can give a better picture of yourself with the dynamic info on GLEAC coupled with the static psychometric testing within the APP. Most importantly you can showcase all of the above on your Resume using our platform. That's right, GLEAC is a keeper;-) Go download it now!