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Join the exclusive tribe of GLEAC Mentors to network, exchange ideas, provide 360-degree feedback, and collectively solve any business challenge.

A Professional, Networking Community to Mentor and be Mentored

Join the exclusive tribe of GLEAC Mentors to network, exchange ideas, provide 360-degree feedback, and collectively solve any business challenge.



Join an exclusive community of global mentors at GLEAC, connect with CEOs, Entrepreneurs & share ideas!


Impact the lives of dedicated learners by sharing your real life insights on work place situations


Attend networking events, Increase your influence and business connections through GLEAC.


Colette Burnette

Colette Burnett, is the Founder of the Global Food Warrior movement that is intent on making Food Security possible. She's worked in banking, run an award-winning restaurant in New York and through her expertise, is working towards Food Security for all.

Colette Burnette

Founder - Global Food Warrior
Dr. Debbie Stanford

Chosen as one of the Top 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab World 2019 and Female CEO of the year, Debbie Stanford- Kristiansen is an accomplished leader and brings with her over 30 years collective experience in Tourism, Entertainment, and Event Management.

Dr. Debbie Stanford

CEO - Novo Cinemas
Honey Pamnani

Honey holds a degree in Law from IIT, Kharagpur and is a Young India Fellow. She has a decade of experience in digital transformation, strategy and business development.

Honey Pamnani

Strategy Impact Investments, National Skills Development Corporation
Ari Chanen

With a decade of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Automatic Speech Recognition, Ari has undertaken extensive research and speaking engagements. He has had a successful Silicon Valley career being an MIT Alum, and a PhD holder in AI.

Ari Chanen

VP of AI at Strategic Education Inc.
Amelie Yan Gouiffes

Amelie has Coached 300+ individuals, teams, and organizations to bring-up their full potential, honoring the multi-cultural and multi-expertise dimensions.

Amelie Yan Gouiffes

Certified Coach, Consultant, & Speaker
Mika K S Tienhaara

A Serial Entrepreneur, award-winning innovator and Energy executive - Mika has spent the last 25 years innovating the energy sector and has been part of many early-stage ventures.

Mika K S Tienhaara

CEO, Rocsole Inc
Mark Vernooij

Mark has 20 years of experience in leading businesses. He is a speaker & teaches at various schools including Berkeley, Columbia, Stanford, and Wharton. Currently, he develops programs in the fields of innovation, digital transformation, and leadership

Mark Vernooij

Partner at THNK / Expert at WEF / Published Author / Speaker
Saif Farooqui

Saif is an expert in Data Analytics and Data Engineering. Prior to Google, he worked as a Technical Analytics Lead at Facebook. He is also the analytics mentor for the Facebook Startup Station Singapore program.

Saif Farooqui

Data Scientist, Google
Pankaj Bansal

Pankaj is passionate about HR Technology. He is a member of National CII Skills Committee and serves on the board of Work10M, Wheebox, SHEROES, Empower Foundation and Ex-The HR Fund. With 20 years of experience, he is proficient in HR Transformation.

Pankaj Bansal

CEO, People Strong

Najla Baeshen

Najla is an accredited professional engineer (PE - Illinois, USA; Consultant - SCE, Saudi Arabia) with 21 years in project management, engineering design, and environmental studies in the USA, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Najla Baeshen

Major Projects, ARAMCO.

Jennifer Thornton

Jennifer spent nearly two decades in workforce policy and leadership in Washington state, where she held senior positions in national and state government boards. She served as the director of workforce initiatives for the Greater Washington Partnership.

Jennifer Thornton

Vice President of Programs at Business-Higher Education Forum
Lameen Abdul-Malik

Lameen is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Leadership Coach and Entrepreneur. He comes with 20 years of experience working with international organizations like the IAEA, managing cancer treatment projects, and advising governments

Lameen Abdul-Malik

CEO, Honest Management

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What Our Members Have to Say

A great concept which will support leadership development and make mentorship more accessible leveraging the power of AI. It was nice to retest my skills while knowing the information I write can benefit others
Noha Hefny
Founder, People of Impact
"GLEAC Mentor Community is fab! A company that practices what it preaches is always to be trusted. The Mentor community supports & helps build skills amongst one another, so that we are in turn able to support GLEAC in skills building.
Sheena khan
Sheena Khan
Education Manager, Harvard Alum

Meet our Mentors - Upcoming Events

Meet our Mentors - Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked! Our mentors are hand-picked and go through a qualifying process. As GLEAC’s basic premise is on human skills, we require mentors to display excellence in any one human skill. We assess that by giving you GLEAC Micro-practices (think of these as human skill exercises). It evaluates how you’d apply a skill in a certain situation. If you score 66% on any 3 such micro-practices, you’re in!

The qualifying process takes around 30-45 mins at the beginning and once you qualify, you’d be invited to 1 event every month – that’s 1 hour. So a minimum of 90-115 mins in the first month, and 60 mins for the months after that. You can renew your membership once every 3 months. Any engagement or time you’d like to dedicate above that is most welcome 🙂

We charge in kind 😉 The knowledge you share in the micro-practices counts as your fees. Your responses are stored on the micro-practices and visible to GLEAC learners for eternity – you become famous and make an impact! Your membership will be subject to renewal every 3 months – on completing the micro-practices. 

We give potential mentors 2 weeks to complete the requirements and share their insights on the micro-practices.

An opportunity to become part of a global network! Our events are power-packed with Nobel Laureates, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and gives you access to brain trust from across the globe. Attend one of our events before you make a decision 🙂

GLEAC Learners can range from high school students, university students to early career professionals. As a tech-based AI platform, GLEAC enables you to share specific contextual feedback on workplace situations for learners to benefit from.

That’s music to our ears! We are launching this feature by March 2021 when our app goes live, and you can mentor learners from across the globe.

Mentors gain the satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference. Paid mentoring sessions will be launched on our App in March 2021.

Our community of mentors enables us to bring together folks who see the importance of human skills in being successful at the workplace. 

We work with B2B and B2C clients and our target audience can range from early-career professionals, entrepreneurs, and university students.

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