Strengthen your human skills and identity.

Neuro+ Data Science backed Behavioural Tests

Predictive Artificial Intelligence

Micro-Learning of 21st Century Skills

In an age of automation, skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration have leap-frogged ahead of hard skills as indicators of superior human performance. We help you identify and develop all your 21st Century human skills and remain competitive.

Why do we leave the best part of our identity at the door?

Practice daily your human skills, earn global professional/educational accreditation and be found by jobs seeking your human identity.

How do I create a 21 Century human skills based L&D plan for my workforce with an unbiased and accurate measure?
How do we teach and measure 21 century human skills in schools and colleges?
The Challenges with Identity we are solving
How can we identify and in what human skills should we up-skill our people in an industry heading towards automation?
If those of us who are more human will be safe in the future job market, how do I begin understanding and improving my human identity?
What human traits do we identity and develop in girls and women so they take on more leadership roles in our country?

Our Process


GLEAC behavioural tests allow you to explore your identity and set baseline benchmarks.


Tests are analysed and a Master Mapping and Competency Grid Framework is set up for individuals or the entire organisation.


GLEAC knows that what gets measured, gets improved. That’s why you get quarterly retesting to see how you are changing over time, thanks to the accredited daily learning modules tailored specially for you.


All Dashboards are built, plugged and released to the Organizations.


GLEAC Data Scientists and senior leadership work together to monitor the performance of the system and any changes needed to ensure the organization can in real-time track people and performance.


With the guidance of the GLEAC Data Scientists and designated specialist, systems and processes are updated and rolled out in recruitment, performance management etc.

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