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Mindful of Emotions

Being mindful of your emotions so they control you less.

Mindful Meditations

How even short mindful meditations can improve your day.

Difficult Emotions

Mindfulness & dealing with difficult emotions


Sense of Control

Identify the things you can control & the things you have no control over.

Putting Things into Perspective

Mindfulness for putting things into perspective post lockdown.

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Keeping company with good people improves moods!

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Saif Farooqui

Saif Farooqui

Data Scientist at Google

Colette Burnette

Colette Burnett

Founder - Global Food Warrior

Phil Komarny

Phil Komarny

VP Innovation at Salesforce

Dr. Debbie Stanford-Kristiansen

Dr. Debbie Stanford

CEO - Novo Cinemas

Kyla Mitsunaga

Kyla Mitsunaga

Forbes Coaches Council at Forbes

Lameen Abdul-Malik

Lameen Abdul-Malik

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Getting a job may also improve your mood

GLEAC is integrated with job boards and having a GLEAC soft skills index helps candidates show up in the first five pages of the job search.

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