Psychometrics + Micro-Learning of 21-century skills + A.I.

Become more human

What will differentiate us from A.I. will be our ability to be more human.

Skills such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration for the first time in human development has leap-frogged ahead of hard skills as indicators of superior human performance.

How do you take good teachers and make them outstanding?

How do you take a group of young women and cultivate them into c-suite executives?

How do you bridge the skills gap so graduates are job ready?

Gleac is how!

The ONLY APP that lets you earn credits for every lesson that you complete and redeem them for accredited certificates from CPD

Tests you

Your relationship with GLEAC begins when he tests your aptitude for a complete range of soft skills using a sophisticated behavioural assessment. But simply knowing your weakest areas isn’t enough. That’s why GLEAC mentors you through this journey.

Mentors you

GLEAC uses AI to identify your skill gaps, and creates a tailor made learning plan, containing accredited learning modules and daily mentoring on the specific skills YOU personally need to work on.

Measures you

GLEAC knows that what gets measured, gets improved. That’s why you get quarterly retesting to see how you are changing over time, thanks to the accredited daily learning modules tailored specially for you.

Grows you

Growth is never a one day job. GLEAC knows this. That’s why you get daily mentoring. Over time, the habits you build start to strengthen the skills that were weak, helping grow you into a better leader, and a better version of you.

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Custom Learning Pathways and Competency Grids

Take our British Psychology approved Behavioral Test and finally understand the full scope of your strengths and what you need to work on. Then have our data science and psychology team develop for you and/or your company a clear summary of your 21-century competencies.

See a sample behavioral test report here.


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