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With a 360 mentor feedback loop, GLEAC boosts the success rate of job seekers and engineers performance of existing workforces in just 10 minutes of upskilling a day.

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Untitled-1 Our Human Skills Mentors

Our taxonomy and algorithms MAP human skills to competencies + all existing and emerging roles

We upskill in your gap areas + provide a 360 feedback loop from an exclusive pool of 500+ GLEAC MENTORS

Through our human skills GPS, we SIGNAL job readiness in a dynamic way even on job portals

How it works

Step 1 : Try a Free Benchmark

In just 1 min, identify your strengths and gaps in Human Skills and create your Human Skills GPS starting point locator.

Human Skills Benchmark

Step 2 : Try a Job Related Micro-Practice

Experience our Patent pending system

GLEAC measures and develops human skills for any job in 10-minutes a day using A.I.   to any current or future job and then signals job readiness.

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    Upskill yourself and get noticed on Job Portals

    Find the right candidate and save $4200 annually per employee

    Future-proof your workforce and reduce attrition rates

    Super charge your platforms by integrating GLEAC APIs

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    Where it all began...

    Our Founder Sallyann Della Casa started on this path 10 years ago, bringing human skills workforce training to over 25,000+ disadvantaged youth and adults annually, with her Foundation. She didn’t know she was being prepared to launch GLEAC.

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